The Shop is divided into three General Areas these are as follows: Workbenches, Machine Tools and Welding Shop. Each area and tool has a more specific set of rules which will be listed below.

General Rules

  1. All Tools are not to be operated when impaired in any way, shape, or form, to include, alcohol, drugs, fatigue, or other factors
  2. Makers are responsible for the safe use of hand tools, machinery and equipment
  3. Makers are responsible for the appropriate maintenance of tools/machinery
  4. Makers are responsible for the proper storage of tools, shut-down operations, and cleaning up of not only their work bench, but the area around it. To include cleaning the work/welding benches and sweeping their immediate area.
  5. Any operation which includes grinding, welding, media blasting or operation of tools which throw sparks/chips/light, the maker is responsible for ensuring any safety enclosures are fully in place, and that an observers are wearing appropriate safety equipment.
  6. When Grinding/cutting materials with angle grinders, the material will be held in a clamp, no free hand grinding or cutting will be allowed.
  7. Wait for any makers engaged in welding, machining, grinding, any other process to complete their operation before interrupting them The exception being if there is a potential safety issue.
  8. Avoid behavior inconsistent with a workplace or professional role
  9. Remember all metal shop tools deserve respect, they can and will harm/maim/operators if not respected.
  10. Report any broken tools, broken blades, or missing supplies to the Tool lead first, the slack channel second, if a tool lead is unavailable or unresponsive report to the steward as well
    1. The tool leads are listed in on the sheets around the lab as well as on the notion, as the are the stewards
  11. Try to keep projects to a manageable weight limit where any single person can move it. Osha has a limit of 51lbs per person. This is the basis for our rule of no more than 100lbs per raw stock or sheet good.
    1. If you are moving over 51lbs make use two or more people do make the move safely. Espescially when doing anything other than simple lifts (simple - being ground to a bench, not from ground to the mills/lathes/plasma)
    2. Exceptions can be made at the discretion of the Steward with appropriate planning, gear, and people on hand to make the necessary movements.
    3. This rule takes into consideration that should the project need to be moved by a fellow member they stand a fair chance of doing so. In view of accident, absence, or just negligence
  12. Stewards, Safety Officer and Tool Leads have final say in all manners regarding tools, maintenance and safety.

An Infraction of any of the rules will result in the following

  1. First time, just a verbal conversation between the maker and an tool lead/steward/officers
  2. Second Time, a formal warning, and a possible revoking of nova-pass privileges'/access to space at the length of which is at the discretion of the Steward. This includes revoking sign-offs if repeated or significant safety violations.
  3. Third Time, Elevation to the X.D. of the Lab - At which point the board and X.D. may choose to revoke membership